Strange dreams are made of Burger King

Alright, so this is random, but I had to jot it down somewhere because it was just so vivid. Had a long day yesterday and, on our drive home, we stopped at the rest area on the Turnpike and grabbed a bite to eat. I chose a bacon double cheeseburger because I am weak. Anyway, my dream/nightmare this morning consisted of an amalgam of three things in my life: my gym, my job, and the house I grew up in.

The dream began with me looking out of the window (of the house I grew up in) and seeing that my gym (which was never there) across the street had been completely renovated overnight into a gym equipment sales floor. Now, when I went to go check it out there also happened to be a pizza delivery guy in the driveway who I didn’t have enough cash for. Anyway, I became even more upset when I realized that this gym/neighborhood monstrosity was also my current place of employment (because advertising and gym equipment really go hand-in-hand). It was all very confusing, but I was more concerned with just keeping my job and my past (way past) years of retail experience might come in handy while selling gym equipment (hey, I never said this dream was rational).

Then it occurred to me that this had all been done without my knowledge and that the guys who were now on the show floor were the folks they had decided to keep on. I wasn’t good enough to be a gym equipment salesperson. Luckily, I woke up before it got much more upsetting.


Late night plus cheeseburger equals creepy dreams (The Temptation of St. Anthony, 1946, Dali)

So, yeah…if you choose to have your late-night snack with the King, just be prepared for what he’ll dig out of your subconscious and toss together.  Some dreams can lead to books. This was not one of those dreams. 😉

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