Me? On TV? Sure, why not?

So, I was holding off on blogging about this, mainly because I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. It still might fall through, but the prospect is pretty exciting. Recently, we had a new addition to my weekly writers’ group meetup. It turned out, she was a writer for television. She’d created several reality shows and had recently sold one. We had a nice chat about writing and selling off your precious creations. She was debating whether to sell one particular idea because she didn’t think the production company that was interested would do a good job with the content. Anyway, I didn’t think much about it after that first meeting, until someone mentioned that she wanted to do a “reality” show on self-publishing.


“Sign me up!” 😉

Of course, I still thought nothing of it. Someone says TV and I think, “Riiiight, like anyone is going to want a no name like myself.” But, then I heard the details. This was going to be a local thing, essentially a regional broadcast to an audience of ~50,000 viewers. When the call went out for those interested, I stepped up to be a guest. The show would consist of several 6- to 7-minute spots with a variety of authors from around the area. Local self-published authors talking about their writing to local readers. Cool, right?

Then, today I received an email from the writer/producer. Would you be able to help with the moderator auditions? I’d love to! Anything to help the cause.

I have no idea how this will pan out, but it’s a fun little adventure to be on. I’ll keep you posted on how everything works out and whether it actually makes it to the air. I don’t have any delusions of grandeur about this affecting book sales in any significant way, but it can’t hurt.

5 thoughts on “Me? On TV? Sure, why not?

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