Need book swag on the cheap? Wait for a coupon.


Always wanted a banner with your book cover on it for those shows you do at the local library or independent bookstore? Maybe you wanted postcards, or a brochure, or something fun like a handle bag or custom pen? That stuff can be expensive, but if you use the Groupon going on right now for Vistaprint, you can get $70 worth of stuff for just $27.

I’ve used this method in the past for getting book swag. Banners, magnets, bags, pens, etc. My only disappointment is that they don’t do bookmarks. However, I’ve heard of folks making postcards and cutting them in half. As an independent author, it’s important to budget your marketing spend accordingly, and you can get quite a decent amount of stuff for $70. This one looks like it’s only for a limited time, and it can be regional, but it’s something I definitely recommend you keep an eye out for. I know Groupon is a good source for these coupons, but Living Social can also have them and if you’re looking to make a big swag purchase (t-shirts!), it can put a major dent in your bill.

Know of any good deals on book swag? Or have you done this yourself? Leave a comment below and thanks for reading! 😀

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