Summer’s End

As a resident of the northeast, the end of summer always comes too quickly. This year is no different. The nights were noticably shorter a few weeks ago (it’s really cruel that they start getting shorter at the beginning of summer) and the new school year is right around the corner (my son doesn’t start until September 4th).

I used to wonder why so many people fled to the south to retire. Sure, it’s warmer, but I always thought I’d miss snow and the cooler weather. Being a redhead, I’m also not a big beach goer or sun bather. More like sun avoider. *Raises weary fist to the sky and curses large shiny yellow glob* SPF 50 and swim shirts are my summer buddies… and I hate sunblock. Unfortunately, skin cancer runs in the family. So, yeah…it’s a love/hate kinda thing. Glad you save me from skin cancer… wish you didn’t make me feel like a hot mess before leaving the house.

Now, though, as the big 4-0 nears, my tune is slowly changing. Yeah, I might miss real fall weather and the changing leaves (it’s my favorite time of year), but I could do without the snow and ice. And we’re not even far enough north to get the really bad weather. I mean, I’m not sure how people even live in Canada year round. I kid, but seriously! I guess your blood just gets used to it. And, home is where your heart is…even if it’s frozen solid.

Here in temperate NJ, we get teased with just enough sun and warmth to last us through the other 6 to 7 months of cold. The water at the shore (yes, we all call it that…if you don’t, you’re not from Jersey) is just reaching a point where you don’t get hypothermia after five minutes. The beaches are packed, even when the weather isn’t that great, because it’s not going to get any better. This is it. Summer’s end is approaching with as much rapidity as it always does, one day at a time. The Labor Day weekend will mark the unofficial end, but it may as well mark the real end. Schools will all be back in, traffic will be back to its ridiculous awefulness, and the boardwalks will close for the season. The hopes and dreams that only summer can bring that didn’t come to fruition this year will have to wait until next when hope will spring eternal once more. 😉

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