Number 1 in Kindle Store

#1 Overall Free in the Kindle Store

The day is young and my suspense thriller is sitting at #1 Free in the entire store! Wow… behold the power of the ‘bub. 😉

As of 4:20 PM Eastern, I’ve given away 28,443 copies of Multiples. And I’ve sold 240 copies of Divisible, its sequel, which covers the cost of the ad.

Oh, and I get a bonus 1-star review because of foul language on the first page. Sigh! At least future readers will know if they read the reviews. I think I smell a future blog post topic! 😀

Thank you BookBub!

6 thoughts on “Thank you BookBub!

  1. That is so good to know. I’ve put the price of my book up to £1.49/$2.99 just so that I can knock it down and go free, ergo getting a BookBub ‘sale’ going. My lofty 3ish sales a day have now dropped to nil, but I’m hoping it’s worth it.

    You’ve given me a bit more hope!

    But I think I ought to wait until I get my pre-advertisement up for my second book. Hopefully, they’ll get Book 1 for free and preorder Book 2.

    There’s reason to get Book 2 edited asap!



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