Amazon Releases Utility for Creating Illustrated Children’s Books


From Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing yesterday:

Starting today, you can use Kindle Kids’ Book Creator to create illustrated children’s books for Kindle, taking advantage of features like text pop-ups. Here’s how to get started:

1. Download the tool, and you can convert individual illustrations into interactive books for both Kindle devices and free reading apps.
2. Once your book is ready, export the file and upload it to KDP.
3. Set the book category, age range, and grade range to help customers find the right books for their kids.

Want to learn how to prepare, publish, and promote illustrated and chapter books for children? Check out the new KDP Kids for more information.

So, while folks have been publishing children’s picture books through KDP since the program began, the hurdles to getting there were significant. Now, the path should at least be a little more streamlined.

What do you think? Something you’ll use?

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