What’s in a (Book) Name?

You know that feeling when you stumble across the name of your book and it’s like a light has gone off and you’re all like, “This is the most amazing title of a book ever!” You’ve had that feeling, right? Then you’ve probably also had the feeling you get when you search for that title on Amazon (or elsewhere)and, lo and behold, there are 5 other books with the same title, including a naughty one with nurses. D’oh!

Well, I know how you feel. My experience was a little different, but it still gave me that feeling of having been beaten to the punch. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with books sharing a title, so long as it doesn’t included trademarked terms (eg, Star Wars, Captain America). I mean, plug any single-word title (Redemption, Unforgiven, Ashes) into Amazon and you’re likely to come up with several dozen options.

Anywho, when I was crafting my suspense/thriller trilogy, I had settled on Multiples of Six as the first book and Divisible by Six as the second. But, when I started thinking about book #3, I had no clue what to use. I ran through the gamut of math terms… Propensity of Six, Magnitude of Six, Quotient of Six… before landing on Power of Six. That was it. It was awesome and I couldn’t find a book with the same title… until that fall. I was walking through my local Barnes & Noble and there before me was the latest by Pittacus Lore, The Power of Six. Whomp whomp!

Ah well, worse things have happened. I don’t plan on using the word “The” in my title, so I’m safe, I guess. 😉

How about you? Ever come up with/use a title that’s already been used? Let us know in the comments and thanks for stopping by!

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