Ping Backs

So, who would think that linking your article to another website might actually drive traffic back to your own? Well, it does! Two weeks ago, I wrote an article titled Self-publishing Isn’t. In that article, I linked to a few resources. Well, a few days later, I noticed that one of my traffic sources was coming from one of those resources, a fairly popular website. I backtracked these links and found that, on their website (, they list “comments” from other blogs in the sidebar. In 2 weeks, it’s driven ~50 visitors to my site, which is pretty nice.

So, does this mean I should be sure to link to a popular website in every blog post? No. It means that a well thought out article with relevant links can drive traffic back to you in the long run. Do it too often and I think it starts to look spammy. I guess this isn’t really news to most, but I’ve linked to plenty of sites in the past and seen little in the way of return traffic.

Do back links work for you? Let us know in comments and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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