Andy Rane

Andy Rane is the pen name I’ve used to write adult suspense/thriller novels. As these were not YA by any stretch of the imagination, I wanted to keep the audiences separate with a pseudonym.


Click to go to my Andy Rane Amazon page.

Book #1, Multiples of Six, is just $0.99. If you purchase Multiples of Six through Amazon, you can get the audiobook version for just $1.99 more. For those interested, the final book of the series, Power of Six, is in development. Mid 2015 is likely. Thanks!

During the time when I was strictly writing under that name, I wrote some very handy articles on self-publishing at the blog I had. You can check out the web site or go directly to the handy stuff, which I compiled here.

I still have projects that will be published under that name, but I’ve decided that keeping them on separate social platforms is too time consuming. I have a paranormal series in the works about a man involved in a natural disaster that leaves him with the uncanny ability to see mortality. The Clock Smyth will more than likely be released in small episodes.

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