First Day Free

I hate talking about me so much, so I’ll try and make this my last “Hey, look at me and my books!” post for a while. But, I have to post just a quick screen grab of my Amazon rank since going free with the first part of Liquid Blue yesterday. It’s so rare that I have something in one Top 100 category, so I’m pretty stoked that I’ve had a rash of sales in the last 24 hours that’s put my book into 3 Top 100 categories.


Sorry for the fuzzy screen grab.

Of course, going free will be all for naught if it doesn’t lead to sales of Parts II and, eventually, III. But, it gets my writing into the hands of potential readers and that’s really what it comes down to. Ok, end “me” talk. I promise. 😉

First go with permafree

Liquid Blue Cover 1

Well, I’ve thrown my hat into the permafree ring. Liquid Blue, Book 1, Part I is now being price matched on Amazon for $0 (and is priced so elsewhere). While I’ve given away copies of my books before through the Select program (my Andy Rane books), this is my first foray into the permafree realm. Pick yourself up a copy. It’s a fun read and, hey… it’s FREE! 😉

Having watched others go down this road, it seems to be a legitimate way to do things, especially when writing a series. The trick with free seems to be getting folks to actually read it, as so many are apt to simply pick it up for the price and never turn to page 1. Maybe once I have Part III out (end of August), I’ll think about marketing the free part.

Do you have a permafree book? How has it worked out for you?